About "LIVE-SINUS 5" Generator

инстр фото генератора 600х800

    This generator may be used in two basic modes of operation:

  • off-line (i.e. with no third-party application or software connected);
  • under control of a third-party, smartphone or computer-installed application.

   On the one hand, the off-line mode is entirely self-sufficient and simple to use (in daily life and/or for elderly people), on the other hand, for substantial expansion of generator functionality use may be made (at present) of an Android-controlled mobile application or of the «LiveSinusLite» program for PC-installed Windows OS. The third-party application permits monitoring the instrument performance, as well as, the entire re-adjustment of generator parameters and functionality in accordance with the Users’ specific needs (when and if required), thus providing a wide field for potential experiments.

In this case the following is possible to ensure:

  • best-quality signal (at the expense of application of the advanced technology of DDS frequency digital synthesis);
  • simplicity of operation (everything is controlled by means of a powerful, in-built microcontroller (just only two push-buttons on the instrument front panel);
  • multi-functionality (diversity of waveforms of the signals generated; possibility of amplitude and frequency modulations of base frequency
  • phase shift by as much as required, possibility of operation in the modes with automatic adjustment of frequency and output power or without it);
  • high-quality associated parts, commercial manufacture and installation;

Waveforms of the main signals

Amplitude modulation

From January, 2018 the adjustments of «LiveSinus» generators dispatched to Customers have included amplitude modulation with the following parameters provided:

АМ depth: 50%
АМ waveform: sine
АМ frequency: 285 Hz

When wishing to reset adjustments to the «default» settings (without modulation), one can press and hold in this position the “Power” red push-button on the generator front panel till the 2nd series of short-time audible signals arrive. Likewise, modulation may be turned off or parameters may be changed via the third-party application.

In the oscilloscope traces shown here the resonant frequency sine curve of the coil is practically invisible, as the oscillograph sweep is adjusted so as to indicate a low-frequency modulation well below its usual level.

Generator Basic Parameters

  • Method of generation: DDS or Direct Digital Synthesis;

generated signal waveforms are sine, meander, triangle

operating frequencies range (sine) is from 10 kHz  to 1 MHz.

  • Maximum load current (at supply voltage of 24 V) is

700 mA (RMS or root-mean square value) or,  which is the same, 1960 mA (peak-to-peak);

(when in off-line mode, 3 power levels  are accessible on the load of  (50, 100, 200 %, taken for  100 % is the 141 mA-current, RMS of a standard-type industrial generator), in the external application these levels may be readjusted as required.

  • Maximum voltage at the generator output (at supply voltage of 24 V) is

7 V (RMS or root-mean square value) or, which is the same, 19.6 V (peak-to-peak).

  • Automatic adjustment modes:

AUTO  mode:

а) continuous automatic adjustment to resonant frequency (as to the maximum load current),

b)continuous automatic adjustment of the given current through the load;

PROFI  mode (semiautomatic): periodic automatic adjustment of  the frequency and current after a User- specified  time interval (30 sec – by default);

ENGINEER  mode: automatic adjustment as to frequency is  OFF, as to current – depending on the option selected.

  • Dual-mode timer:

а) turn-off time count  (4 specified values when in off-line mode, unrestricted – from external application);
b) switching-on periodically after a specified interval of time (accessible from external application, with adjustment to generator off-line operation included).

  • Phase shift (for instance, at the load respective of the current): any value within ±90° (during AUTO mode the phase shift is not adjusted, by default it is 0° all the time).
  • Modulation of basic carrier frequency:

AM –  amplitude modulation:
а) envelope form: sine, meander, triangle;
b) AM percentage: 0 – 100 %;
c) envelope frequency: 0.1 Hz – 1.000 Hz;

FM – frequency modulation (sweeping):
а) modulating wave form: sine, meander, triangle;
b) FM range: 0.1 kHz – 1.000 kHz;
c) FM frequency (rate): 0.1 Hz – 1.000 Hz.

AM and FM modulations are independent of each other and may be applied separately and simultaneously as well.

  • Communication:

Bluetooth (optionally) –  for communication with an external application, using a smartphone or graphic tablet;

USB mini port – for communication with an external, PC-based application and/or for updating the microcontroller weaving;

XLR plug (to the body) – for load connection;

DS–025B (front plate-mounted power socket) 2.1 х 5.5 mm – for connection of a power-supply source.

  • Power supply: 12–24 V stabilized or unstabilized DC voltage, the recommended supply voltage is 18-20 V.
  • Weight and overall dimensions: 400gг, (l*w*h), 130х93х39 mm.
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