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Boosting capacitive torus with connection to two emitters

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Step-up transformer can be used like spiked and maze as well as Mishin’s usual capacitive coil in the form of a torus

A boosting capacitive torus is connected to the generator, and there are already spikes and a labyrinth to it. The power level at the generator can be set to the maximum (since the parasitic electromagnetic component of the field in emitters of this type is practically absent). You can check the operability of the labyrinth and spikes indicator of the electrical component of the field. Wiring diagram and modes of use you can see the brief instructions .

Depending on the configuration, the capacitive torus operates in two modes: low-voltage capacitive, high-voltage capacitive.

Read the article about high voltage capacitive mode …

Key features: < / p>

  • resonance frequency in the range of 270-320 kHz;
  • the torus is wound with twisted pair from a loose computer UTP cable (high-quality dense winding on a plastic collapsible mandrel ;
  • connection: USB connector;
  • two DC 2.1 / 5.5 outputs for connecting radiation ateliers
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Boosting capacitive torus with connection to two emitters