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Generator LIVE SINUS 6

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Multifunctional signal generator LIVE SINUS 6 for any variants of Mishin, Tesla, etc. coils (the best device in Russia at the moment — both in terms of characteristics and functionality, and in terms of price / quality ratio).

The generator can be used in 2 main modes of operation:

standalone (i.e. without connecting an external application / program);
under the control of an external application on a PC.

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The LIVE SINUS 6 generator is an innovative highly effective device for vortex implosive electric field physiotherapy.

In the generator, in addition to the fixed amplitude and frequency modulations, a complex (AM + FM) dynamic modulation mode with acceleration along the Fibonacci row has been added. With dynamic modulation — the frequency of additional low-frequency pulsations of the coil field floats, and floats with acceleration and deceleration (according to the Fibonacci series), according to the same law, a small frequency modulation is also added, i.e. changing the carrier frequency of the generator relative to the resonant frequency of the coil. The system has become not static, but closer to a living one that «breathes».

In addition, the generator has an additional function of contact (through the electrodes) antiparasitic bioresonance — the Zapper mode, implemented in accordance with the recommendations of A.N. Mishin on improving the efficiency of this type of devices (can be purchased separately (…).

The generator comes with two cables:

  • for low voltage capacitive mode connection
  • for high voltage capacitive mode connection

Supply voltage: 12 — 24 VDC, 0.7 A. Recommended voltage 18 VDC.

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With power supply, Without power supply

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Generator LIVE SINUS 6