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Mishin coil universal (3 in 1)

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Mishin’s universal USB reel «3 in 1». All four ends of the two halves of the nested windings of the bifilar coil are brought out to the USB connector.

The coil type in this case is determined only by the external connection — if the coil is connected to the generator through a cable without color marking, then it works as a low voltage capacitive.

If the coil is connected to the generator via a color coded cable, then (depending on the cable used) it works either as a high voltage capacitive ( read article … ), or static. For the buyer, this is a tangible savings — for the price of one, we get three fundamentally different coils in action, albeit in the same case. Switching modes takes seconds. The high voltage capacitive mode cable is color coded BLUE.

Connection cables are not included with the coil. If desired, they can be purchased separately.

In the high-voltage capacitive mode, the magnetic component of the field is reduced by 80-90 times, and the electrical component (static) is increased by 3-5 times. The usual indicator of the field with a coil in this mode, as a rule, does not light up.

General characteristics:

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  • winding size 1 / 3.24 (according to new data from Alexander Mishin — inner diameter: 41mm; outer diameter: 133mm); < / li>
  • connection: USB connector;
  • flexible supply cable and elastic input damper for coils in a plastic case (therefore, the cable is not breaks);
  • reliability and beauty of the design;
  • high-quality ABS plastic or sanded plywood;
  • A. Mishin on high-voltage capacitive mode (video) …

    Read the article about high voltage capacitive mode …
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    Mishin coil universal (3 in 1)