After making up an order we shall certainly communicate with You to specify the complete set of the product and methods of its delivery. After specifying this,You will be sent a link to Your e-mail box with reference to the page for payment. After this we shall send Your order to You in 1 or 2 days by the method You have chosen.

Payment in cash

You may pay for Your order in cash to the messenger either during product receipt or at a self-pickup point.
When receiving the product, care to check for order completeness and for availability of product warranty certificate and check.

Non-cash payment

After making up an order there will be drawn up a payment account, which You can print out and pay. The money will be received on our account during 2-3 working days after the order has been paid for.
Orders paid for by Customers — by legal persons, possible only as non-cash payments.
All accounting records required (original payment account, invoice, bill of lading) are given along with the order on its receipt.

Bank cards

PayAnyWay offers payments acceptance service.

PayAnyWay does not pass Your card data to the Shop or any third persons. The security of bank card payments is ensured by the technology of protected HTTPS connection and two-factor 3D Secure User Authentication System.

In accordance with the RFL «On Protection of Customers’ Rights » if You are offered a service or sold an inadequate quality product, the money may be returned to the bank card, which the payment was made from. To specify the refund procedure approach the E-Shop Managers.

Electronic Money

To effect payments by means of Moneta.Ru You will need an electronic wallet, which may be registered with the system website.
To find the wallet replenishing methods go to Moneta.Ru site, section «How to Add». The remittance via Moneta.Ru is instantaneous.

To effect payments You must be registered with the Web Money Transfer. WMR-marked payments are accepted. Cash remittance is instantaneous.

To effect payments by means of Yandex Money You will need a wallet registered with the system site.
The remittance of payments via Yandex Money is instantaneous.

QIWI Wallet
Choose a QIWI Wallet as a means of payment and enter Your cell phone number. Pay for automatically created account on the service site.
In case You have no QIWI Wallet, You will have to register it with the service site or in any QIWI Wallet application.

Bank Services

On-line banking systems — «Sberbank On@Line», «Alpha-Click», «Promsvyazbank», «Russian Standard», «».
By bank or postal transfers, as well as via money remittance system-«CONTACT».

Payment Terminals

Elexnet, OPLATA.RU, Federal System Gorod, Moscow Credit Bank, Forward Mobile, NCO «LIDER».

SMS services

Mobile operators: Megafon, MTS, Beeline, Tele2


Questions on payment?
Please, use a detailed instruction on each payment method mentioned or contact Us

Purchasers’ Support Service PayAnyWay

Phone: +7 (495) 743-49-85

Non-cash payment requisites


on working days: from 10-00 to 17-00. Delivery cost is 300 rbls.

Delivery cost when beyond MRHW (Moscow Ring Highway), BR (Belt Road) is 30 rbls/ km in one direction.

Dispatch across Russia and to Near-Abroad countries. For dispatch You will be required to state Your surname, name, patronymic, phone number, as well as the address of Your nearest SDEK branch office:

If You wish, the order may be sent with payment on delivery (only in Russia).
When receiving the order, payment includes order cost + delivery service +3% for payment on delivery.

Orders may be sent across Russia, as well as, practically to any country of the world. To send an order it is necessary to state the recipient’s full postal address.

The cost of delivery in Russia (with delivery to the post office included): up to 1 kg – 400 rbls, 1-2 kg – 500 rbls).

The cost of delivery beyond Russia’s bounds is calculated individually depending on the country and parcel weight.

We are ready to send Your order by any transport company at Your request:

(PEK, Business Lines, etc., at Your option).

The cost of delivery in Moscow — to Transport Company is 300 rbls.
Afterwards You will have to pay for Transport Company’s service at Your own expense.

Product Return

In case You decide  for one or other reason to give up the purchased product, You can do it in accordance with  the RF Law «Protection of Customers’ Rights»  No.2300-1, dated July2,1992.

Return of Proper Quality Product.

  1. The Customer has a right to cancel the order for Product at any time prior to  Product receipt  and after Product receipt  — for the duration of 7 (seven) days, except for the day of purchase.
  2. The return of a proper quality Product is possible, provided its marketable state and consumer properties remain unchanged, and the document confirming the fact  and conditions of  the mentioned Product purchase is available.
  3. The Customer has no right to refuse to acquire the Product having individually-specified properties, in case the mentioned Product, may be used only by the Customer  purchasing this Product.
  4. In case of the Customer’s refusal to acquire the proper quality Product, the Seller shall pay him back the sum of money that was paid by the Customer under the Agreement, except for the Seller’s expenses on delivery of the returned product from the Customer not later than 10 days from the date of the respective claim being made by the Customer.

Return of Inadequate Quality Product

The inadequate quality product implies a product that cannot maintain its functionality owing to serious defects (with defects/faults present).

The Purchaser who bought an inadequate quality product will have the right (if no mention was made by the Seller to this effect) to make at his option any of the claims listed below:

  • product replacement  by an identical mark (type, make)  product or by a similar product of another mark (type, make) with the respective recalculation of the purchase price  made;
  • proportional discount of purchase price;
  • removal of product defects free of charge or reimbursement of expenses  on their removal by the Purchaser himself or  by a third person;
  • purchaser may refuse to fulfill the Agreement and  insist on refund of the sum he has paid for the product.

In case of return of a highly-technical product of inadequate quality (the list of such roducts  was approved by RF Government Decree No. 924,  dated Nov.10, 2011 «Approval of the List of Highly-Technical Products»), the Purchase will be right to insist on:

  • product replacement by an identical mark (type, make) product or by a similar product of another mark (type, make)  with the respective recalculation of the purchase price made;
  • or refuse to fulfill the Agreement and  insist on refund of the sum he has paid for the product.

All the above-mentioned claims in connection with the return of an inadequate quality product may be made within the following periods of time:

  • product has a specified warranty period —  for the duration of the whole warranty period;
  • product has no specified warranty period —  within a reasonable period of time, but not in excess  of 2 years.

The E-Shop will have the right to refuse either to change or return the product, in case it finds that the serious defect detected is the result of product misuse.

In the event of disagreement as to the product quality or cause of defect, the E-Shop will have the right to carry out an independent examination at its own expense. The Purchaser may  participate in the examination and  may challenge  the expert’s  decision in a court of law. In case the examination reveals, that the product defect has occurred at the Purchaser’s fault, the Purchaser shall be obliged to reimburse to the E-Shop the cost of examination, as well as the expenses associated with it, such as product transportation and storage.

E-Shop Offer Agreement

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