We present to your attention an innovative highly effective multi-mode vortex electric field physiotherapy device. At the moment, «Live Sinus» is the best in efficiency and versatility among similar devices. The main plus: Mishin’s “Live Sinus” coils are made universal and can operate in several modes, including the new, most efficient and completely safe high-voltage capacitive mode.

In addition, the generator has an additional function of contact antiparasitic bioresonance — the zepper mode ( Zapper ) , implemented in accordance with the recommendations of A.N. Mishin to improve the efficiency of this type of devices.

What else distinguishes our device favorably from others?

  • high-tech production;
  • modern technologies, microprocessor control;
  • high signal quality;
  • automatic configuration and maintenance of the specified parameters;
  • ease of daily use, even for the elderly;
  • multi-mode;
  • complex dynamic modulation with acceleration along the Fibonacci series to enhance the healing effect;
  • the ability to connect to a computer (advanced functionality);
  • high quality products and services.

Regular, systematic use of the device:

  • helps relieve pain;
  • stops allergic reactions;
  • shortens recovery time;
  • increases the body’s defenses
  • stops inflammation;
  • restores joint mobility;
  • cleanses the body of pathogenic bacteria and fungi;
  • relieves many diseases in acute and chronic forms;
  • and even starts the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation.

A. Mishin on a new high-voltage capacitive version of coils switching from LIVE SINUS: video


Information and support

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Information and support

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