Universal two-frequency Mishin coil (3 in 1)

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The two-frequency coil, consisting of two windings nested in each other, which in turn are composite and made of wires of different cross-sections. This option of winding to the main frequency of the coil adds an additional harmonic, which, according to Alexander Mishin, in some cases increases the efficiency of the coil (https://youtu.be/eep_zDUKHTE?t=3104)

Coil recommended as optional (does not replace conventional).

Like our other flat coils, this dual-frequency is a 3-in-1 universal coil. All four ends of the two halves, nested in each other of the windings of the bifilar coil, are output to a USB connector. The type of coil in this case is determined only by an external connection. If the coil is connected to the generator directly, then it works as a low-voltage capacitive, if the coil is connected to the generator through a boost adapter, then (depending on the cable used) it works either as a high-voltage capacitive (read the article …), or as a high-voltage static. For the buyer, this is a tangible saving – for the price of one you get three coils that are fundamentally different in action, although in the same case. Switching modes takes seconds. The cable for high voltage capacitive mode is color-coded.

In the high-voltage capacitive mode, the magnetic component of the field is reduced by 80-90 times, and the electrical component (statics) is increased by 3-5 times. The usual field indicator with a coil in this mode, as a rule, does not light.

Connection of three different modes:
1) Low-voltage capacitive (connection directly to the generator, without a boost adapter)
2) High-voltage capacitive (connection via boost adapter, cable with color marking on the USB side of the connector)
3) Static (connection via boost adapter, cable without marking)

Boost adapter and cable kit available separately.

General Data:

  • standard size of winding 1/3 (inner diameter is about 41 mm; outer diameter is about 135 mm;
  • flexible lead-in cable and elastic input damper for coils in a plastic case (therefore, the cable does not break);
  • reliability and beauty of the design;
  • connection : USB connector;
  • high-quality cable for generator connection;
  • The set is made complete with: adapter + cables for different connection modes;

Read the article about New Variant of Mishin Coil connection…

Flat coil material

ABS plastic

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Universal two-frequency Mishin coil (3 in 1)