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Indicator of the electric component of the field



Indicator of the electric component of the field, LED. It is necessary to check the operation of the generator and coils in high-voltage modes.

The normal field indicator in high-voltage modes may or may not be lit. The indicator, if lit, is much less bright and at a much shorter distance from the coil than in low-voltage mode. The light intensity of the indicator also depends on the power level set on the generator. It is recommended to use an electric field indicator to check the field above the coil in this mode.

Connect the coil to the generator in high voltage mode . Set the power to 100% or 200%. Take the indicator by the contact pad and bring it to the coil. The LEDs will light up during normal coil operation. The intensity of the glow depends on the selected power and distance from the coil

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Indicator of the electric component of the field