«Live Sinus-5BT» Generator (with Bluetooth Module)

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The multifunctional, waveform generator, type Live Sinus 5 BT» is intended for use with any versions of Mishin,Tesla and other coils (as of the current moment it is the best in Russia device — as to its performance data, functionality and to its price/quality ratio as well).

The generator may be used in two basic modes of operation:

  • off-line (i.e., without external application or program connected);
  • under control of external, smartphone or computer-installed application.

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On the one hand, the off-line mode is completely self-sufficient and simple to use (for daily needs and/or for use by elderly people), on the other hand, for substantial expansion of generator functionality one can use (at present) an Android-controlled mobile application or MS Hyper Terminal program for PC. The external application permits monitoring the device performance, as well as complete re-adjustment of generator parameters and functionality to meet one’s own specific needs (if required), thus, opening up a wide field of options for experiments. Therewith, the following becomes possible to ensure:

  • best-quality signal (at the expense of application of the advanced technology of DDS frequency digital synthesis);
  • simple enough use (everything is under a powerful, integrated microcontroller control, there are just only two push-buttons on the front panel);
  • multi-functionality (various forms of generated signals; possibility of amplitude and frequency modulations of the base frequency, phase shift by as much as required, possibility of operation in modes with automatic control of frequency and power or without it);
  • high-quality related parts, commercial production and assembly.

The set is made complete with a cable for coil connection (with USB or RCA connector at the end — at option)


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«Live Sinus-5BT» Generator (with Bluetooth Module)