Set No.3 «Live-Sinus 5 BT» (with Bluetooth Module)

10 700 руб.

This set consists of: generator with a Bluetooth module, capacitive tore and capacitive Mishin coil

Standard set: generator with a Bluetooth module for communication with a smartphone/graphic tablet, capacitive tore, and a low-voltage, capacitive Mishin coil.
The set consists of a multifunctional, waveform generator, type «Live Sinus 5 BT» for use with any versions of Mishin, Tesla and other coils (as of this moment it is the best in Russia device as to its performance data, functionality and to its price/quality ratio as well).
Included in the set:
  • LS-5 BT generator integrated with Bluetooth module);
  • flat capacitive Mishin coil;
  • capacitive Mishin coil — TORE;
  • field indicator;
  • coupling cable;
  • power-supply source;
  • product certificate