Set No.1 «Live-Sinus 5 BT» with General-Purpose Coil (2 in 1)

11 200 руб.

This set includes the generator with a Bluetooth module, capacitive tore and general-purpose coil (2 in 1): Mishin capacitive and purely static one

This one is the most full-featured of the sets currently offered. It consists of generator with a Bluetooth-module for communication with a smartphone/graphic tablet, capacitive tore and general-purpose coil (2 in 1), which depending on the connection version, is used in two modes of operation as a low-voltage capacitive or as a static one (purely static coil). It takes just seconds to go over from one mode to the other.
The set includes a multifunctional, waveform generator, type «Live Sinus 5 BT» for use with any versions of Mishin, Tesla and other coils (as of this moment the best in Russia device – as to its performance data, functionality, as well as to its price/quality ratio).
Included in the set:
  • LS-5 BT generator (with an integrated Bluetooth-module);
  • general-purpose coil (2 in 1): capacitive, low-voltage Mishin coil + purely static coil;
  • capacitive Mishin coil — TORE;
  • field indicator;
  • coupling cable for connection in low-voltage, capacitive mode (Mishin) ;
  • adapter + cable for connection in purely static mode (Tesla)
  • power-supply source;
  • product certificate