Universal Mishin coil (3 in 1)

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Multipurpose USB Mishin coil «3 in 1». All four ends of the two, inserted into each other halves, of bifilar coil windings are brought out to a USB connector. In this case the coil type depends only on the external connection — if the coil is connected to the generator directly, it then functions as a capacitive, low-voltage coil, if the coil is connected to the generator via a step-up adapter, – (cable plug has a jumper connecting in series the halves of two coil windings, – in this case the coil functions as a static one (purely static coil). It proves a telling economy for purchasers — at the price of one coil we acquire two radically different, as regards their action, coils, though enclosed in the same case. It takes just seconds to change over the mode of operation.

  It is possible to order a capacitive  coil without any step-up adapter – in this case it will function as a standard capacitive coil, while the step-up adapter may be ordered later, if required…

General Data:

  • standard size of winding 1/3 (inner diameter is about 45 mm; outer diameter is about 135 mm;
  • connection : USB connector;
  • high-quality cable for generator connection;
  • fail-safe design and attractive view;
  • The set is made complete with: adapter + cables for different connection modes;

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Flat coil material

ABS plastic, Plywood