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Active “SPIKES MISHIN” with connection to Live Sinus, TGS, Biolis, Whirlwind, Wave

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Active “SPIKES MISHIN” with connection to the generator “LIVE SINUS” (the generator is purchased separately)

The device represents active elements “spikes”, powered by high voltage from a step-up transformer – a capacitive torus. The effect is due to a strong electrostatic field emitted from the pointed ends of each spike.
There are two standard sizes to choose from: a field of spikes with a diameter of 14 cm and 22 cm. For convenient and safe use, the spikes are placed in a closed case.

The simultaneous use of two active emitters allows them to be positioned on opposite sides of the body, which increases the efficiency of application.

The method of electrotherapy proposed by V.D. Ragel, but improved and developed at a new level by A. Mishin. It should be remembered that the spikes do not replace Mishin’s coils, but only supplement and expand the range of impact. They are used according to the general recommendations for working with Mishin’s coils (see instruction )

If necessary, the step-up transformer can be used without thorns, i.e. like an ordinary Mishin capacitive coil in the form of a torus.

Which generator will be used

LIVE SINUS, ТГC, Биолис | Импловит | Вихрь | Волна

Active Spikes Options

Active spikes 14cm and 22cm in case + torus with two connection, Active spikes 14cm in case + torus with one connection, Active spikes 22cm in case + torus with one connection

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Active "SPIKES MISHIN" with connection to Live Sinus, TGS, Biolis, Whirlwind, Wave