Advanced Features/Rules for Use of High-Voltage Static Mishin/Tesla Coils

At first, an article was put on the list to elaborate on the topic: Static, high-voltage Mishin/Tesla Coil .Methods of connection + effect never described before. It is about how the User can check on his’s own for the precision of static coil tuning to the resonant frequency. However, after upgrading the weaving of «Live Sinus 5/5BT» generator, this topic became somewhat irrelevant.

We remind that: to energize a high-voltage, static coil we make use of a wide-band, step-up transformer based on a ferrite ring core. This kind of method has a great many of advantages, namely, small overall dimensions, simple fulfillment, low cost, possibility of generator frequency tuning precisely to the coil resonant frequency. The only minus (which we shall now try to turn into a plus) is this kind of a step-up transformer does not strictly dictate to the generator the frequency, which it is expected to operate on. Therefore, in our case it is necessary by using an external application to switch over the «Live Sinus 5/5BT» generator to the so-called «Enginner Mode» of operation, wherein the AFC (automatic frequency control) is turned off) and to set the frequency forcibly (the frequency that is mentioned on the static coil label).

A static coil (not loaded, i.e. lying free on a dielectric surface and not on the human body) consumes an exceptionally low current. It is just for this very reason,that the generator fails to “see it.” However, this situation changes most drastically, if the coil is loaded – place it on the human body, or vice versa – human body on the coil. The coil-consumed current rises most sharply, and also, insomuch as the «Live Sinus 5» generator (newly-weaved!) begins to”see” the coil.

Yet another feature of static coils consists in the fact that these are highly sensitive to introduction of “stray capacitance” from the outside (your body, for instance) – in this case the coil resonant frequency may drift down by some 5-15 kHz. If one uses a resonant step-up transformer, the frequency of which should be tuned precisely to that of the coil (with an error not in excess of 1 kHz!), then as soon as the coil is placed on one’s body – resonance will drift down in a moment, the resonant transformer will dictate the former frequency to the generator, and the static coil will be no longer at resonance. The electrostatics it generates falls steeply and effectiveness declines accordingly. It is apparent, that for this reason exactly, Alexander Mishin advises the Users to avoid placing the coil on the body, but just to have it lying nearby.

Now the only minus of application of the resonant transformer to energize a static coil may be turned into a plus: the newly-weaved generator can «see» the coil very well, and what is still more important, it can monitor by means of its AFC system the precise tuning to static coil resonance, no matter how you may place it on your body or vice versa – your body on the coil. The key condition is the coil should be on your body or your body on the coil throughout the session. Minor pauses of several seconds (just to shift the coil from one place to another) are admissible, but not more than mentioned. It is essential that when the generator is switched on and is about to search for resonance, the coil must be loaded by your body. More often than not, it is quite enough to put one’s palms on the coil.

If it is required to make use of a static coil according to the former scheme, i.e., to keep it away from one’s body during the session – in such a case one will have, as before, to switch over the generator by use of the external application to the «Engineer Mode» and to set the frequency forcibly.

There is another plus of updated weaving: the «Live Sinus 5/5BT» generator has started to function more reliably in conjunction with combo coils: trifilar-wound (triple conductor), two, three-sectional, etc. In fact, as of today, the «Live Sinus 5/5BT» has become the only absolutely universal generator, and what is no less important therewith, a price-acceptable device for use with any types of Mishin coils. With its expanded functionality taken into account, there practically exist no equal competitors for the time being.