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Available languages: English, Deutsch, Russian
Attention! For the program to work correctly, you need to update the generator firmware to the following version:
— #09 from 14.06.2021 for the generator «Live Sinus 5»
— #13 from 30.06.2021 for the generator «Live Sinus 6»
New functionality has been added in the current version of the program:
— control of dynamic Fibonacci modulation (generator models «Live Sinus 5» and «Live Sinus 6»);
— antiparasitic bioresonance contact Zapper mode (generator «Live Sinus 6»).

Advanced generator control functions are available through the app, namely:
  • control of the parameters of the generator and the connected emitter (coil) in the current session;
  • changing the generator settings to suit your specific needs;
  • additional functionality that is not available from the generator panel (for example, a periodic switch-on timer);
  • work with presets and scripts;
  • settings for the antiparasitic contact bioresonance mode of Zapper.
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