Smartphones/ Graphic Tablets Application

The «Live Sinus» program is used to control by means of bluetooth channel the multifunctional «Live Sinus 5BT» generator, designed for operation in conjunction with the Mishin (Tesla) coils. In this case the smartphone functions as an external control, test and indication device
Even if You do not have the «Live Sinus 5BT» generator, it is still well-advised to install the Application so as to get an idea of generator functionality.

— smartphone/graphic tablet with the Android 4.3 or higher operating system installed;
— «Live Sinus 5BT» generator complete with a resonant coil (Mishin, Tesla coils);

The Application may function in the following modes:

  • ) AUTO (continuous automatic adjustment to the resonant frequency (according to the maximum current flowing through load) and continuous automatic adjustment of the given current flowing through load;
  • ) PROFI (semiautomatic): periodic automatic adjustment of the frequency and current after a User-specified interval of time;
  • ) ENGINEER mode: : all automatic adjustments are turned off;
  • ) mode of generator settings adjustment in the generator non-volatile memory;

Use of Application provides access to the following extended generator-control functions:

  • ) selection of the base frequency form: sine, square wave, triangle;
  • ) dual-mode timer (switch-off, periodic switch-on);
  • ) phase shift regulation between current and voltage;
  • ) modulations of the base carrier frequency: amplitude (AM) and frequency (FM);
  • ) measurement of the quality factor of generator-connected coil.
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